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A Drunk Driving Arrest Could Indicate a Drinking Problem

Drunk Driving

If you have been arrested for a drunk driving offense you may discover that the DUI or DWI laws in your state have significantly increased in recent years. In short, you may find there are a bunch of mothers who are mad at you for driving while impaired.

In spite of all the warnings and the severe consequences, drinkers are still making the decision to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming alcohol. The assumption is if you make that kind of decision, it just might indicate that your drinking may rise to the level of an alcohol use disorder.

Chances are, if you are facing the consequences of having been arrested for DUI - and you want your driving privileges returned - you are probably going to encounter some form of alcohol treatment program before that happens.

Articles on this page explain what happens when you get a DUI and why.

What Happens When You Get a DUI?
The fines and court fees are just the beginning, if you want your driver's license back there are many other requirements you will have to meet to be able to legally get behind the wheel again.

No Blood Alcohol Level Is Safe for Drivers
When it comes to getting behind the wheel, there is really no safe level of alcohol consumption. Even trace amounts can put you at a greater risk for injury or death.

Designated Drivers Should Remain Sober
It's a common practice to pick a designated driver after a night out who is the "least drunk" of the group. A better choice is to choose someone before the party who remains completely sober.

Is There a Difference Between DUI and DWI?
Most of the time, DUI and DWI are used as different terms for the same offense of drunk driving, but sometimes they can indicate differences in legal ramifications.

Some DUI Offenders Have Mental Health Issues
Many first-time drunk driving offenders have issues that go way beyond alcohol use disorders and need special interventions to keep them from offending again, researchers say.

Some DUI-Related Terms Can Be Confusing
If you have been arrested for the first time for driving under the influence, some of the language you may encounter might seem confusing.

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