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Alcoholism Affects More Than Just the Person Doing the Drinking

The Alcoholism Guide

Dealing with alcoholism can be difficult, not only for those with the drinking problem, but for their families and everyone around them. It is especially frustrating if you are trying to handle your situation alone, without help or support.

On these pages, hopefully you can find information, resources, and help in finding solutions to your circumstances and ways to achieve healing and recovery. Here you can learn, firstly, if it really is alcoholism that you are dealing with, and if so, what resources are available to help.

The Symptoms of Alcoholism
Where does alcoholism fit within the official medical diagnosis of "alcohol use disorder?" What do we mean when we say, "alcoholism?"

Effects of Alcohol
The list of negative effects that excessive alcohol consumption has on the body seems endless, and researchers are constantly finding more.

How to Quit
For those who want to stop drinking, there are a variety of options available including professional or pharmaceutical treatment, therapy, counseling, and support groups.

Help for Families
Alcoholism is sometimes called a "family disease." Those closest to the alcoholic can be profoundly affected in ways they may not realize.

Drunk Driving
One way that alcoholics can affect others is by getting behind the wheel while intoxicated, and then having to face a long list of consequences.

Women & Alcohol
Research indicates that alcohol affects women in ways that it does not affect males. Why are women more vulnerable?

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