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Some Alcohol Treatment Options Cost Nothing at All

How to Quit Drinking Alcohol

Anyone who wants to quit drinking, or even cut back to less harmful levels of consumption, has many different options available to help. Quitting is not something that you want to try alone, without any help or support. Trying to stop "on your own" is not recommended.

If you have decided, for whatever reasons, that you want to quit drinking or cut back on your alcohol consumption, help is available. There are a wide variety of professional treatment programs, medical and pharmaceutical treatments, professional therapy and counseling, and mutual support groups.

Following are articles that outline the types of treatment options that are available, whether you seek professional help, peer support, or both.

What's the Best Way to Quit Drinking?
If you are serious about quitting, you want to do whatever you can to produce the best outcome - learning to live life sober. You don't have to limit yourself to one option.

In A.A. I Couldn't Relate to the 'God Stuff'
Karen N. tells how a committed non-believer found spirituality and sobriety in the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.

How to Choose the Best Rehab Program
All professional alcohol treatment programs claim to offer the best solution for alcoholism and addiction. How can you tell which rehab program is best for you?

Five Signs of Quality Treatment
These tips from the Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration can help you determine if an alcohol treatment program will be effective in the long run.

Still No Magic Pill for Alcoholism
After years of research and development and millions of dollars spent on the drugs, there is still no clear scientific evidence that pharmacological treatment reduces total alcohol consumption or reduces harmful drinking.

Seeking Recovery Can Be Challenging for Christians
Deciding to reach out to God for help can be a daunting decision for alcoholics who also happen to be born-again Christians due to feelings of alienation.

Christian Recovery Resources
For Christian seeking recovery from alcoholism and substance abuse, Christ-centered support groups and treatment programs are available.

Getting Treatment Can Help the Family's Budget
Research shows that after someone with an alcohol use disorder goes through treatment it improves the family's financial situation significantly.

Living Sober

How Long Do I Have to Go to AA?
Some members consider going to meeting a life-long commitment while others get very involved for awhile and then drift away. The good news is it's entirely up to you.

Warning Signs of a Relapse
In 1982, Terrence T. Gorski developed a list of phases and warning signs leading up to a relapse that have proven by later researchers to be reliable and valid. A relapse begins long before picking up a drink.

The Dangers of a Relapse
The biggest risk of having a prolonged relapse after having been in a recovery program is that you never know if you are going to make it back.

Study Guide to the A.A. Big Book
Kew W's free study guide to the book "Alcoholics Anonymous" that takes a "spritual view beyond the limits of traditional religion." Read the book online, download the file, or print your own copy.

How It Worked
A.A. historian Mitchell K's story of Clarence H Snyder and the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Maintaining Sobriety: Importance of Healthy Relationships
The relationships in your life can be supportive or dangerous as you learn to live life sober. It's up to you to choose which ones you will allow to influence you.

Maintaining Sobriety: Developing an Alcohol-Free Lifestyle
To remain sober, it can be very important to make some changes in your usual lifestyle. Some of those adjustments are obvious but others are not.

Sobriety Medallions
If you are celebrating a milestone in your recovery journey, you can download a cyber-verison sobriety medallion from this page.

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