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Alcoholism Can Affect Everyone in the Family

Help for Families of Alcoholics

Alcoholism is sometimes referred to as a "family disease" for a reason. It not only affects the drinker, but it can affect those who are closest to the alcoholic - family members, friends, co-workers, and employers.

Naturally, spouses or intimate partners are closely involved with the daily struggles brought about by the alcoholic's actions and behavior, and are affected by the experience it ways they may not understand or even realize.

However, children in the household can be profoundly affected by growing up with alcoholism in the home and many times those effects remain with them long into adulthood.

The good news is there are ways that families and friends of an alcoholic can learn to cope with the situation and not only survive, but thrive in their own lives, whether the alcoholic is still drinking or not, as these articles explain.

Why I Always Recommend Al-Anon
In my own experience of dealing with a family member's alcoholism I spent years trying to find answers and solutions without any success, until I found Al-Anon.

What Exactly Is Enabling?
There are many different ways that love ones can enable an alcoholic, some of them are easily recognizable, but other can be very subtle and enigmatic.

Could You Be Enabling an Alcoholic?
Sometimes, while sincerely trying to help loved ones of alcoholics can inadvertently do things that help them continue along their destructive path.

How Long Will He Keep Drinking?
Unfortunately, the family's suffering can go on for many years before the alcoholic makes a decision to seek treatment for his addiction.

'I Don't Believe Alcoholism Is a Disease'
It may seem like an alcoholic is simply making poor choices, but it gets to a point when drinking becomes a mental obsession and physical compulsion.

Common Traits of Adult Children of Alcoholics
People who grew up in alcoholic homes share a long list of remarkably similar characteristics and personality traits. Can you identify with any of them?

The DOA Project
You didn't choose to be a Daughter of an Alcohlic, and you cannot change the fact that you are a DOA. You are not to blame. But there is another way to live.

Family Dinners a Key to Prevention
Kids who regularly sit down with the family and have dinner are less likely to become involved in alcohol and drugs at an early age, and more likely to do well in school.

Trouble Talking With Your Kids About Drinking?
These publications can help parents and guardians prepare for having a difficult conversation with their older children about underage drinking.

Parents' Supervision Can Prevent Early Drug Use
Research has found that the more parents are involved in their children's lives, especially in the pre-teen years, can play a big role in keeping them away from alcohol and drugs.

Common Myths About Underage Drinking
No, not everyone is doing it and it certainly doesn't make you look cool. Learn more facts about the myths associated with underage drinking.

Youthful Drinkers Have Greater Risk of Becoming Alcoholics
Researchers have found that the earlier people begin drinking the more likely they will develop alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence problems later in adulthood.

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